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Fitness training - hip movement & mobility

What is a Movement Coach? In simple terms, it’s someone who coaches and guides you towards being able to move your body how it was originally meant to be moved.

When you were child, you could run, jump, bend, tumble, squat, flex and stretch almost without limits.

But as life goes on you develop bad habits with posture and moving, perhaps have injuries, eat junk food and  drink alcohol. All of which contribute to limiting your body and have an impact on your lifestyle.

There is a way back to having freedom of movement.

With a tailored exercise and training program specific to your needs and history, you can move towards improving your bodies ability to move how it was originally meant to.

You’ll experience less pain, will be stronger, and will be able to move your body more freely.

In short, you’ll be at your true capacity.

Fitness training - feel stronger and experience less pain

Functional conditioning.
Injury management.

Everyday Athletes.

Free weights for strength and control

Physical movement is one of the single most important elements to living a healthy, happy, energetic, pain free life.

Yet, in today’s fast paced, high tech, high stress & often highly sedentary lifestyles, many people find themselves moving less than ever.

In more primitive times, humans had to hunt & gather for food, travel on foot, run to escape danger, jump, climb, swim, dig, push, pull & lift everyday, just to survive…

Today we lead lives of convenience, where almost none of those things are required for survival, meaning we have to make the conscious decision to deliberately move in all those ways, or not…

Unfortunately many are choosing the latter & it’s showing, with obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers etc all being more prevalent in society than ever before.

Physical movement and exercise is one of the most significant & beneficial steps we can take today to improve every aspect of our quality of life.

Improving fitness & mobility
The key then, is to move well, with purpose & intent …

To learn how to move efficiently, to strengthen not only your muscles, but your connective tissue, your joints, your bones, & reduce both pain & chance of injury.

TCF Everyday Athletes experience increases in energy, strength, range of motion, mobility, freedom of movement, reduction in pain & discomfort, and all round improved appetite for life!

Non competitive.
Comprehensive facilities.

The Space.

The most effective way to get the best results from your training, is to make sure your mind is on the job, that you are mentally engaged, aware, paying very close attention to all the information your body is feeding you when you move.

Because of this, we are firm believers that your training environment will play a huge role in the outcome achieved from every session.

TCF studio is a private, secluded space in the Adelaide hills, nestled among the trees, surrounded by nature, with no mirrors, no onlookers or crowds, no harsh lighting, where you can be 100% enveloped & focused on the moment you’re in.

For those of you who aren’t able to come to our studio, we offer a video library subscription where you can still get Coach Lindos guidance, cues & demonstrations from the comfort and convenience of your own private training space, to allow you to still reap the benefits of quality movement coaching from anywhere in the world.

True Capacity Fitness - fully equipped
Group training - lion hold


Different rates apply to 1-on-1 coaching, pairs, small groups or online subscription.

Please contact us for more info.

Coach Lindo - fitness & movement trainer
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